Little Photographer


For years, our twin boys have watched mom snap pictures. I guess it's only natural that at some point they would start asking to be behind the lens and no longer the subject. And I'm pretty sure that most parents would cringe at the idea of their 7 year old toting around their very expensive camera equipment. For me, the moment when I was asked to become the subject and no longer the taker was a proud moment. Here are some of the results from the world according to a 7 year old. Here's how I set him up for success: 1. ALWAYS put the camera strap around their neck. This way if it slips, it won't go all the way to the floor. 2. Put it on Aperature priority, so you set the depth of field and the camera does the work. 3. ...

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Lucy Jane in Progress

Lucy Jane Totes

  I can't wait to share all the details of the new line of products with you all.  They are gorgeous!  One even has the word gorgeous on the outside.  I love designing something "pretty", but I think the engineering background pushes me to make items durable and long lasting.  We all make decisions everyday on how to spend our money.  We prioritize and make sure all of our ducks are in a row.  The most disappointing feeling is to make a purchase only to have it fall apart a few months later. I've had customers contact me after using their extra large totes regularly for two years and talk about how well they have held up.  They go on about how much weight they carried around and the bag could take it.  This is not an accident.  I ...

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