Lucy Jane Canvas + Leather Collection

Nothing is better than a gorgeous accessory that is made with you in mind.  Our Belmont Clutch is the perfect size to hold your phone, wallet and favorite lip gloss. The Halsted Bag has seven pockets and is a great run around town purse. Our signature stripe totes come in three sizes, so you can … Continue Reading

New Totes are Here!

Excited to add a few more totes to the shop today! If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed a post a few weeks back explaining my love/hate relationship with yellow toile wallpaper that was in my office.  Well, the office was painted white and now perfect for studio photography.  Tutorial coming soon … Continue Reading

Shop Update: New Monograms

What could make you more excited for summer? Excessive heat, endless daylight and more popsicle consumption that normal…oh, and our new monograms! You can hardly contain your excitement. I totally get it! What’s new, you ask?  The circle monogram is now available on the extra large totes.  I love this combination and it perfectly fits … Continue Reading

First Impressions

We have moved a lot!  This means, in each new city there is a new first impression to make.  This is really scary.  Have you had that friend that’s know you since grade school?  There is just a level of comfort.  They know you, through awkward stages (hello, Junior High), through hard times and times … Continue Reading

Great Gift Idea for Readers

Looking for some clever ways to wrap up a new e-reader or gift card this Christmas?  Our pencil cases fit an Kindle Paperwhite perfectly (as shown below).  Not using your e-reader, fill up the pencil case with your favorite essentials.  I use mine for my small wallet, keys, phone and my favorite lip gloss. Does … Continue Reading

Fall and Apple Orchards

Pretty sure we could all agree that fall is a special time of the year.  The sun feels more golden, the air is crisp.  We anticipate the season change and prepare our hearts and minds for the holidays.  Summer is busy, days are long.  Winter is busy, days feel short.  Fall feels just right. This … Continue Reading

OPEN for business

I am so excited to announce that the new on-line store is OPEN!  I have loved selling on Etsy for the past several years, but have always been interested in having my own website.  I wanted a space that was filled with my creative energy and allowed more customization.  I think Etsy is a wonderful … Continue Reading

Little Photographer

For years, our twin boys have watched mom snap pictures. I guess it’s only natural that at some point they would start asking to be behind the lens and no longer the subject. And I’m pretty sure that most parents would cringe at the idea of their 7 year old toting around their very expensive … Continue Reading