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Lucy Jane as Seen in Pregnancy and Newborn

I was contacted back in August by Pregnancy & Newborn magazine to ask if they could possibly include one of my nursing covers in their October print edition.  I was like….ummm YAHHH!!!  I shipped a nursing cover to their office and then convinced myself it would not be included.  Erring on the side of caution.  My husband came home from work and asked about my day.  I very casually said “oh yah, I was contacted by this magazine today.”  He then explained how this was a really big thing and we should celebrate.  My plan worked perfectly…ha-ha.  I reread their e-mail about twenty times trying to read between the lines to see what my odds would be.   They said to contact them at the beginning of September.  I very cautiously typed an e-mail asking if it would be included and they replied YES!  That of course, needed another celebration dinner.  Drum roll please…here it is!!!

Madras Plaid Nursing Cover by LucyJane on Page 26

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