Monday Update: Back from Vacation

Back to Life…Back to Reality  (do you remember that song?)


After a 12 hour drive, we arrived back home on Saturday night around midnight.  We had an amazing vacation last week, but now its back to life as usual.  Although, I still haven’t figured out what is usual around here.

Here are a few things I learned while on vacation..

  1. When your 4-year old gets their head stuck in the balcony railing, is it normal that your first reaction is…where’s my camera?  ((Don’t worry, he got his head out on his own and we didn’t even have to use Crisco.))
  2. Although a 3-DVD set of Caillou seems like a great bargain at Target, beware that you MAY lose your sanity by the end of DVD #3!!!
  3. Do not take your flip flops off while flying a kite in a sandy area that is not a beach.  There may be small cactus like plants that will get stuck in your feet.  (Hubbie learned the hard way!)
  4. Searching for sea shells is so much fun that your husband will actually ask for permission to go back out again, on his own.
  5. The state of Alabama seems to really like peanuts – boiled, fried, roasted, in brittle, perhaps a whole festival centered around the great peanut.  We spent a good deal of time driving through this lovely state.
  6. After sitting down in a restaurant and realizing that the lowest price entree is $38, act like the balcony is just too cold for you and then sneak down the back exit.  Do this while carrying your twins and rubbing their arms to make it more believable.
  7. A four-year old doesn’t really get the difference between being allowed to pee in the ocean, but not the pool.  And they really don’t understand that they can’t yell across the pool that they, in fact,  just did this act.  All this while lovely retired folks are hanging out on their balconies and watching these oh so adorable kiddos playing around in the pool.
  8. The idea of going for a leisurely sunset stroll on the beach with four year old twins is more like a sprint.

I have a feeling that this week will be a lot of staying up too late to get caught up on orders, but it was totally worth it!

Hope you have a great (short week)…yay Turkey Day!


  • linda (burlap+blue)
    November 21, 2011 at 8:49 am

    This post was hilarious! LOVE the one about looking for a camera while your kid’s head was stuck-it’s something I would do, too:) Welcome back! xo

  • April
    November 26, 2011 at 11:12 am

    aww… Those pics look like my hometown, Pensacola, FL beaches…. We affectionately call Pensacola LA (Lower Alabama). beautiful beaches.


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