My dog is now middle aged…what?

About a week ago, our dog, Duffy, started shaking her head and seemed to have some irritation in her ears. So, a trip to the vet landed her with ear drops, ear cleaner and an appointment to have her ears examined closer. The vet called to give me the low down on her visit.

She is a bearded collie. He started to explain that ear infections can be common to this breed, due to their, well, hairiness. She’s like an old man with a little extra hair in her ears. He then went on to say this was common for this breed as they become middle aged. It took all I could to not blurt out…if my dog is now middle aged, what does that make me?

He also told me that those black spots on her fur coat are just aging spots!  Aging spots!

It made me realize that I’m not really sure what day I traded in my acne fighting products for anti-aging.  When did I start browsing the isles for products to hide dark circles under my eyes?

So, I’m going to look to my dog for some advice on how to grow old gracefully.  She doesn’t seem to care that there are a few age spots on her fur or that she has reached middle age.  She still runs around like a puppy.


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