What I Wore Wednesday: Vacation Edition

Today I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!  If you are new to this blog, welcome!  I’m the gal behind the sewing machine at Lucy Jane, mom to 4-year old twin boys and currently on a vacation (woot woot). 

We are currently on vacation, well, I’m not totally sure our boys got the memo.  They still wake up at 6am.  We need to figure out how to teach them the art of relaxation.  They are ready to head to the beach by 6:45 while mom and dad are still trying to suck down one last cup of coffee.  This is the first time we have taken our four year old twins on a beach vacation.  It was amazing to watch their expressions as the ocean water (cold ocean water) hit their feet.  It didn’t take long before they were chasing the waves.

The weather is perfect.  In the upper 70’s during the day and a little chilly at night.  Of course, I packed all of these really cute outfits, but have to admit that I’ve spent most of the trip in my comfy carpris, t-shirts and fleeces.  Above, I have on my Mossimo Jeans (I love them and they are only $15!)& Eddie Bauer Fleece (clearance end of the year for about $10).

Anyone for a REALLY early morning jog?  Okay, the t-shirt that I have on is from our trip to Chicago.  We wanted to get the boys t-shirts and ended up running out of time.  We found t-shirts 3 for $10 at a Walgreens.  So, I bought one for myself.   I figured it would be good for working out, painting or any other activity that I really don’t care what happens to my clothing.  So the outfit above is a $3 Chicago t-shirt and capris from Target.  Gettin’ fancy at the beach!  The boys are sporting their Old Navy swimsuits and Target surf shirts.

It wouldn’t be a trip to the beach without my Lucy Jane Beach Bag!  I snatched this Black & Turquoise Chevron one from my sewing room before the trip.  In it you can find 4 towels, 2 phones, 2 books, 3 magazines, 2 cereal bars and a little bag of seashells from the beach. I’m wearing a Target tank top & lime Old Navy Bermuda shorts.

Anyone for a game of put-putt?  It wouldn’t be a game without dad hunting for a lost ball.  The boys are OBSESSED with mini golf and I’m pretty sure they could play it all day!  I have on a J-crew oxford shirt (that I got from a consignment store for $5) and my Mossimo jeans.  I’m carrying a Lucy Jane purse.  And guess what, I actually have my full size camera stuffed in there. 


I remember when the boys were little and trips included pack n’plays, bottles, diapers, wipes, baby gates (yes, I took them on vacation), etc.  I feel like we’ve come a long way since those days!

What are your tips for traveling with kids?

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  • Holly VanSlambrook
    November 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm

    I love all these pictures. What a great vacation and how fun to see the boys by the water!


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