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Shop Update: New Purses

I am always amazed when I decide to make some new purses.  It probably seems like I should walk into my sewing room, throw down some fabric and stitch it up.  For me the process is much different.  I walk around my sewing room, look at all my fabric, walk out of the sewing room, walk back in the sewing room, pull all my fabric off the shelves to try different color combinations and in the end make a HUGE mess.  I then  nicely fold all the fabric back up and walk out of the room.  Then, usually when I don’t even intend to make something new things just start to fall together.  I think I’ve used this phrase before, but I will say it again…

“Sometimes we need to turn off all the noise to hear the message.”

This applies to most parts of our lives.  So, for the month of April and May I turned off the noise.  This explains my absence on the internet…sorry facebook, twitter and the bloggy world.  I painted my house, made bags, spray painted all kinds of things, made up some fun aprons and throw pillows for a local store and THEN made new bags.  All of these other creative outlets opened my creative spirit to create something new (or maybe it was all of the paint fumes…just kidding).

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