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Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

I LOVE a colorful house!  I’ve tried many times to go with a more muted and elegant color scheme, but every time feel like something is missing.  I’ve worked very hard on our house for the color to be an addition to the space, not a distraction.  Here are some easy ways to add color to your space without spending a lot or committing to a specific color.

In our current house, most of the walls are painted Benjamin Moore Simply White.  I love this color, because it is not too brown and not too yellow.  For me, it is just right. Colors pop against the stark white.  By using white walls, I can add pretty much any color that I want to the space.  Our couch is slip covered white.  I cheated and bought an IKEA white slip cover for $99, but do not have an IKEA couch.  It just happened to fit almost perfectly.  Whaaaa????  Trust me, I did a happy dance on that day (and many days to follow).

I add color with fun lamps – like this one.  Found at a discount store for $35 (including the burlap shade).  The contrasting textures of the base and shade add to the space.

What home is not complete without a random ball o’ moss?  I passed this at Hobby Lobby and for some reason threw it in my cart.  It has been so much fun to move around the house for a little added color.  Of course vintage books are a must have!  Check out the cover on this book!!!

Couch pillows are a  great way to change your color scheme with the seasons.  (There’s my $99 IKEA slip cover!!!!)

I’m a bit addicted to buying old pop crates, like this yellow one…found at a road side sale for $5.

Again, obsession with pop crates…why not have a storage place built for them?

If you think ball o’ moss is impressive, check out this rooster!  It adds a pop of color and is just fun to talk about.

In the kitchen, color can be added with pots and pans.  Both pretty and functional!

Color from nature is just beautiful in itself.  I love to use fruits and vegetables in our kitchen for pops of color and easy access for the kiddos.

Above are my real tulips and below are my fake greenery.  I tried to use real plants, but am much better at killing them than keeping them alive.  For this stage of life, I’m sticking with the plastic kind.



Other ideas for adding color to your home:

  • Paint your front door an accent color
  • Add fun curtains to your space
  • Find a colorful rug.  Add to a small space or make a statement in a big room.

What is your go to color when decorating?

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