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Looks what’s coming in the mail today…I’m so excited to read Mom Inc., The Essential Guide to Running a Successful Business from Home.

Two years ago, I took a leap of faith and listed my first item on Etsy.  A collection of pillowcase dresses, nursing covers and a few bags filled my little shop.  I shot all my pictures with my Nikon D40 on auto mode (yikes).

In 2011, I decided to shift over to only selling extra large totes.  It was a scary move for me.  I knew that nursing covers and pillowcase dresses were good sellers on Etsy, but I did not LOVE  making them.

My heart said to make what I LOVE, so that is just what I did!  I focused on the extra large totes, started shooting my pictures on manual mode and refined my style.  Much to my surprise, sales were better than before.  I felt like I found my passion and my niche’.  During this time, we moved to a small town (for my husband’s work).  This meant a whole new schedule and a shuffle to figure out  the preschool situation for our twin boys… my work week was reduced to nine hours per week!  I met another mom (former elementary school teacher) and discussed the possibility of watching my twin boys one day a week.  This increased my work week to about 14 hours per week.  This meant working a lot of evenings after the boys went to bed.  This summer we worked out a schedule to watch the boys about 18 hours per week.  Still left a lot of sewing for after bedtime, but worked out great.

Next week, the boys will start their 4-year old preschool program and my work week will reduce back down to 9 hours per week!  I’m constantly evaluating, trying new things, figuring out what schedule works…Should I continue to  sell made-to-order?  Should I pre-make and sell ready to ship?  How many bridal orders can I handle per month?  What tools/equipment will help to optimize my time?  How do I stay motivated?  How do I stay focused?  Is it okay to take a break when I need it?

Working from home, being a mom and running a handmade business has definitely had its challenges, but the rewards always win!  I love the flexibility it offers our family.  Running my own business has given me a sense of purpose and identity.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to be introduced as someone’s mom, but I also love to be introduced as the owner of Lucy Jane.  I think all moms struggle to find the right balance between their identity as a mom and their identity as their own person.

Looking forward to a good read and maybe a new perspective…



I'm a mom to twin boys that make me laugh and scream in the same breath. It is possible. Married to a pretty great guy that always encourages my crazy ideas. Run an online shop, sew almost every day and have been know to eat marshmallows while hiding in my pantry. And feel it's my life's mission to make others laugh and sew. Not always in that order.

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