I had this day (the day we would pick out our tree and go on a train ride with Santa) marked as the perfect day.  Parents of the year award winning kind of day.  It started out great.  A train ride with Santa.  Really cool for the first 15 minutes, the next 30 spent asking how much longer.  That’s okay, still pretty memorable and I got some great pictures.  Mark that event as successful.

On to brunch, and then to the Christmas tree farm.  We live in the Midwest…it is December 1st…we should be putting on our snow gear to brave the winter weather.  Nope, it was 65 degrees and sunny.  Still okay, we can handle that.  We pull up to the farm, all excited to head out and cut down our very own tree.  Until we are told that the trees that have been pre-cut are much nicer.  Plan B, we cut the string off the pole holding our tree instead.

And to make the trip even a little more interesting, we were informed that their reindeer and dancing pig died last year.  You heard that right, a Christmas tree farm with a dancing pig.

We get home and start to untie the tree…it is like a scene out of National Lampoons Christmas vacation…it is HUGE!  As the branches fall, the boys giggle and squeal with delight at its comical size.  Our play area has been converted to the tree area and is now consumed by this beast.

I guess the moral of my story is that even the day you picture as perfect that does not go just as planned can still be pretty perfect.

I will leave you with a picture of my child pleading for his Christmas wishlist to come true.  Or maybe you can assume he is saying his afternoon prayers with great intensity.

Don’t forget to place your orders before December 10th to guarantee delivery by Christmas!  Happy Holidays!

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