This is such a fun, quick and easy holiday project!  These would be great for your front door or easy holiday party decorations.  A great way to add pops of color to your house.  Grab a cup of coffee and gather your yarn, we are about to make a wreath!


  • yarn
  • straw wreath (can be found at Hobby Lobby)

Start out by deciding how many different colors you want on your wreath.  You can see below an example with three colors and above with two.  Once you decide, layout your plan of attack.  Feel free to grab a sharpie and mark a few guidelines right on your wreath.

I made a small ball of yarn from my large ball to make it easier to manage.  Don’t worry if you have too much or too little…it is easy to adjust.  Begin wrapping the yarn and tuck your end piece under the others.  Do the same as you finish your section.

Repeat for each color.  Viola…you are done!


Add a hanger or lean it on your fireplace mantle. Pretty easy, eh?


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  1. Hi! I’m visiting from 30 Handmade Days. this wreath is so simple and sweet. I love it! I read through your about page and can relate to having two little guys. I’m excited to visit again soon :)

  2. Hi! Yay for Robyn visiting from 30days and commenting. ^^^^ Thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. I loved reading about you! It was fun to read about your family and getting your sewing machine. I’m self taught too (and have a whooooole lot more to learn:).

  3. I miss seasons so much this time of year. Living in seothurn California for the last 10 years has been wonderful, but I do miss a real autumn so you can see why I greatly love and appreciate your autumn tips, hints, suggestions, photos, music, recipes and your Autumn book. Thank you again for sharing all things wonderful.

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