Last year, I attended the Influence Conference in the fall.  And it was. Life. Changing.  It was a whole new way of looking at blogging, on-line community and encouraging others.  About spreading the Good News and living as an example.  So, when they announced an Influence Network I was thrilled.  The ladies behind this organization are REAL and wonderful and full of love and spirit.

Before the conference last year there was a link-up for all attending to tell a little about themselves.  The idea was thrown out to do another link up, but this time to get to know other members of the network.

Hello.  My name is Kim.  Nice to meet you! (that was my introduction).  Three things about me…

  1. I have a bearded collie named Duffy.  She is named after the guy that introduced me to my husband, Duff.  They are both hairy and kind spirited.


  1. We are moving to Louisville, Kentucky in the spring.  So, my tally right now is five cities and four states in the past five years.  I’m pretty sure out twin boys will never really know what zip code they live in.
  2. I painted my friend’s entire first floor for fun.  Who does that?  Oh yah, me.  I am more likely to come over to your house and paint than bring you a cooked meal.

I love the constant inspiration from this group to learn and grow.  Thanks ladies!


Nice to meet you!


  1. Hi Kim! I’m Molly and I’m here from the link-up. That’s so cool that you went to the first conference. I watched my IG feed and saw so many people having fun. So I am really hoping to go this year. Maybe I’ll meet you!

    • Kim Reply

      Hey Molly! I bought my ticket at last years conference…there were about 10 up for grabs. So hope you can make it and we can meet.

  2. Tara Turner Reply

    Hi Kim! So great to meet you! I love those pictures…your dog looks like such a fun free spirit!

  3. My husband and I feel the same way! We have been married for 3 1/2 years and in that time we have moved 5 times (twice across the country!)

  4. Hi KIm! Nice to meet you. what a cute family you have and I LOVE your blog design, so perfectly clean and inviting. So why so much moving? IT must be tough (all those boxes all the time). I would love for you to come and help us paint our house… we bought it almost a year ago and painted each room in the house, except the kitchen (which is partially painted right now) and all the trim (it is an old house so there is real thick trim on the top and bottom of each wall, soooo much paint…) and on a side note I love your hair cut, I am seriously considering getting mine chopped short and I may pin your hair so I can use it as inspiration, I hope you don’t think that is creepy. (I added you to my bloglovin’ feed because I prefer to follow that way. Looking forward to getting to know you better and exploring your pretty blog).

  5. I’m the person more likely to come over to paint than bring over a cooked meal, too. I loved the conference last year. I’ll be going again this year and hope to meet you in September!

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