To keep with the theme of change, I also made a pretty drastic hair change.  I don’t know if it was a moment of weakness or a temporary moment of insanity, but I went for it at my last hair appointment.  Pixie it is!  I’m blaming the pixie obsession on Blair over at Wild and Precious.

I’ve had a few days of hair cut remorse, but remind myself that it is hair and it will grow back.



I’m also attempting to skip washes and having dirty hair.  I’m kind of a clean freak, so this is a challenge.  I’ve been using Dove Dry Shampoo and it seems to be working okay. In the past, I dropped a lot of money of dry shampoo and felt like my hair was greasy all day. I’ve also added a hair mouse back into my routine.  A whole lot of hair care products going on over here.

Anyone have a dry shampoo or hair product they love?

(Here was my last major hair adventure from long to chin length.)


  1. gorgeous! i love this cut on you! And you look like Jennifer Nettles (of Sugarland)! so you’ve got that going for you as well!

    i use the Suave dry shampoo and have always loved it. no greasy feeling and it smells amazing!

    • Kim Reply

      Ahhh…thank you!

      I will have to try the Suave one…I’m not loving the Dove version. Thanks!

    • Kim Reply

      I’m getting my mileage out of my Madewell spree! Thanks for the pixie inspiration!

  2. I use Suave (it is so cheap and works pretty well). I just recently started embracing the ‘greasy second day hair look’ I have pretty much religiously taken a shower every day my whole life until I had a baby and it was taking me too much time…

  3. You can totally rock the pixie! I LOVE it! I have been using Suave’s dry shampoo and I really, really love it! It’s been hard for me to try the not-washing-my-hair thing.

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