At the end of July, our family packed up and headed a little further south.  We are now living in Louisville, Kentucky.  The last month has been spent in a whirlwind of house remodeling.

AND our twins started kindergarten…ALL day.  I’m not gonna lie, I kind of enjoy a quiet house.  I have also cried several times because our house is too quiet.  I’m even certain I had a moment of empty nester feeling.

Moving to a new city, new house, new schedule and making new friends.  I just got exhausted writing all that.


We ripped out carpeting in my “future” sewing room.  Have spent HOURS stripping wallpaper (now I get why people don’t buy houses with wallpaper).  Have made way too many jokes about spending hours stripping, wallpaper that is.  Busted a few holes in the walls removing towel bars.  And that was just the first month!

I’ve even given my husband several pep talks in laying hardwood floors ourselves.  And the pep talks worked.  We are heading out tomorrow to sweet talk some prices.  I’ve also learned that real hardwood floors have to acclimate to your house.  I thought it was just friends that had to get used to our crazy house…now I learn it is our floors too.

I’ve been told that I can destroy a perfectly good house in not much time.  I’m certain the end product will be worth the destruction.  Or at least I will convince myself it was worth it.



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  1. House projects will never end. At least, that’s how ours feels! Congrats on the new place and best of luck! can’t wait to see the end results!

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