Heading out this afternoon for influence conference.  It is a whole ball of emotions.

Excitement, nerves and anticipation.

I’m leaving our house behind with about thirty different projects half done.  This is okay.  I’m giving myself a little grace to let go and then grow.

My experience last year was pretty life changing.  This may sound dramatic or over the top.  I entered the conference confident in the direction of my handmade business.  I felt like I had my “life” all bundled up and figured out.  During the conference, much soul searching left me questioning this confidence.

Was I leading the train without thought to the reason or direction?  I was on the verge of getting burnt out as a one woman crew.  My schedule meant taking care of our boys all day and working all night.

Around Christmas, I turned off my shop with intentions to re-open in January.  We then learned we would be heading to Louisville in the spring.  My shop remained off.

We are now moved and somewhat settled.  The boys have started school and I’m ready to get back to business.  I am excited to see how this year’s conference leads to change and growth.

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