I’ve taken a little break…okay little is a stretch.  After about a year of having my shop closed, I’m excited to say it is OPEN!  Last January, we found out that we would be moving to Louisville, Kentucky.  This was not a surprise given my husband’s work is very project based.  What I wasn’t expecting was for this move to feel so much more complicated.   In our past moves, our twin boys were not school age.  Our main concern was finding some form of shelter.

Lucy Jane Totes Handmade Bags

This move involved finding the right school and then the right house.  The whole process felt daunting.  The thought our our babies heading to school.  Trying to find the “perfect” school (which only exists in a “perfect” world).  Trying to find a house (in a good real estate market).  It was overwhelming.  The decision was made to get all our ducks in a row for the move before opening shop again.  I had no idea our ducks would be so disorderly.

We moved at the end of July and then took on  A WHOLE LOTTA house projects.

The GOOD news is that the house projects are wrapping up and I’m ready to get to sewing.  The other good news is that I now have a regular schedule.  No more late night working…this school thing is pretty great.

And all these house projects deserve some good posts, so look for some fun DIY projects appearing on the blog.



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