Photography Tips: Family & Kid Photos

I recently helped a friend do a little photo shoot of her (oh so adorable) family.  A light bulb went off…wouldn’t it be fun to share some of the tips we used to get some great (and natural) shots.


Tip #1:  Your pictures will only look as good as the light. 

What in the world does that mean?  It means if you want those yummy, golden colors then you must wait until the sun gives you those yummy, golden colors.

This generally happens right around dawn and dusk.  Given that most kids are not functioning at sun up, this means planning an evening shoot.

Look for spots that have nice shade and not a lot of sun spots.  Sun spots are those areas where the sun peaks through the trees.


Advanced Tip: If you know how to set your camera’s white balance, set it to the shade setting.  This will give you a more golden/natural look.  It is also nice for skin tones.

Tip #2: Let them be kids

Lucy Jane Kid Photography

What kid wants to sit idle and have their picture taken?  In that case, what adult jumps in joy to have their picture taken.

My friend made a run to the store and brought a zillion (okay about 10) big balls.  This added a lot of color to the picture, but also added an element of fun.  I try to allow lots of good, fun breaks when taking pictures.

Grandma loves the posed picture, but these are the shots that show off personality.

Advanced Tip:  If shooting in manual, I generally use aperture priority.  I set my f-stop to achieve the depth of field that I want and shoot away.  This way you can capture the moment.

Tip #3: Get personal…go on now invade that personal space

And now you get to see an awkward photo of me.  Ignore my way to old fleece and the fact that I’m straddling a friend.  This will give you the great intimate shot.  Also, most kids giggle when a big adult is standing over them.


Drum roll, please.

Lucy Jane Kid Photography

Lucy Jane Kid Photography Tips

kid photography

And don’t forget to move in close…a little closer…perfect.



Advanced Tip:  Wiggle your legs around…that will get a giggle.  Very technical!

Tip #4: Be Patient

I think the hardest pictures are the whole family picture.  And the bigger the family, the more difficult.  This is where patience comes into play.  Try to set up the family shot.  Someone’s not happy, take a break and try again later.  You will get the shot…it may just be the 10th attempt.



Tip #5:  Bribe Them & Bribe Them GOOD

I’m not an advocate of bribing with food.  With that said, BRIBE them good.  Bring on the candy.  Mother tested…kid approved.


Are those nerds I spot?



Have any special tips that you use with your kids?  Please let me know if you have any questions.


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