Pretty sure we could all agree that fall is a special time of the year.  The sun feels more golden, the air is crisp.  We anticipate the season change and prepare our hearts and minds for the holidays.  Summer is busy, days are long.  Winter is busy, days feel short.  Fall feels just right.


This past weekend, we headed to the apple orchard.  Our boys just finished a whole week at school studying apples.  They taught us the proper way to pick apples.  Gently twist and gently tug.  “You don’t want to hurt the tree, mom.”

20140928-DSC_0107And being a bit of a photo nut, apple orchards make for the pictures.

20140928-DSC_0114Broccoli fields smell bad!  Like really, really bad.  It tastes great, but I think it took broccoli off any future garden plans.


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