Looking for some clever ways to wrap up a new e-reader or gift card this Christmas?  Our pencil cases fit an Kindle Paperwhite perfectly (as shown below).  Not using your e-reader, fill up the pencil case with your favorite essentials.  I use mine for my small wallet, keys, phone and my favorite lip gloss.


Does your book lover already have an e-reader, give them an Amazon gift card inside their pouch.

Who doesn’t love a gold monogram combined with leather?


Monogrammed Pencil Pouch, Leather


Sleep Less, Read More Pencil Pouch

Check out the Strong Coffee, Long Books pouch.  The inside fabric looks like the inside of a book.

Enjoy your holiday shopping!


  1. Hi I have been trying to sign up with your website but able to get an email back w the % of coupon code so I can place my order.

    I’d like to order the canvas & leather pouch, for myself, can you tell me will you be offering discounts for Valentines Day?

    thank you in advance

  2. Kim Reply

    Hi Tina, I will probably be sending out a Valentine’s Day newsletter with a discount. You can also use the 15% off coupon code from the newsletter sign-up. Send me a note if you have any questions – hello@lucyjanetotes.com

    (There’s only one of that pouch left in inventory)


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