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We have moved a lot!  This means, in each new city there is a new first impression to make.  This is really scary.  Have you had that friend that’s know you since grade school?  There is just a level of comfort.  They know you, through awkward stages (hello, Junior High), through hard times and times are pure childhood delight.

Enter new city and people that have no background of you.  It kind of feels like a sales pitch.  You are trying to put your best foot forward.  Hoping for them to see deep inside you and become your friend.

And I always wonder what first impression that will be.  What will they think of me?  If I just come as I am, what will they think of me.

After getting to know one of the moms that I now consider a good friend, I gently asked her first impression of me.  I was sort of amazed at what I heard next.  She said I intimidated the crap out of her.  She said I looked so put together.  I sat there thinking…me, put together.  Oh, you must be referring to another mom.

She then went on to say that her first impression was quickly changed after our conversation.  I’m sure I shared some story about how my kids just threw up in the car or how on any given day, I hide in the pantry to eat chocolate.

Lesson learned, we may all look like we have our act together, but we are all secretly hiding in the pantry eating chocolate.  I’ve learned to share my embarrassing moments right out of the gate.  You will quickly find your people.  You know, the people that are there on your hardest day and the one’s that rally around you to celebrate your accomplishments.



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