What could make you more excited for summer? Excessive heat, endless daylight and more popsicle consumption that normal…oh, and our new monograms! You can hardly contain your excitement. I totally get it!

What’s new, you ask?  The circle monogram is now available on the extra large totes.  I love this combination and it perfectly fits the classic style of this tote.  I would love to take credit for the revelation to include it on my tote, but I would be a big ol’ liar.  I recently had a customer ask if she could have that one her tote.  Light bulb moment right there, ladies!

Extra Large Tote Bag with Circle Monogram

The other addition is the anchor monogram and a whale.  I’m a bit obsessed with the whale.  New pool wet bags coming soon with this option.   I’ve narrowed down what I think is the perfect selection of monograms that match the style of the totes.

Drum roll, please.

Lucy Jane Monograms

Enjoy your trips to the pool this summer!  Don’t forget your floaties and sunscreen.


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