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    Etsy Shipping Tips & Resources

    You just opened your Etsy shop and got your first order (congrats!).   Now you are wondering how to ship this order.  This post will give you some good tips, resources and…

  • Lucy Jane Totes
    Business Lucy Jane Shop

    Lucy Jane in Progress

      I can’t wait to share all the details of the new line of products with you all.  They are gorgeous!  One even has the word gorgeous on the outside.  I…

  • HowToMakeAFavicon
    Business Tutorials

    How to Make a Favicon

    You may be reading this asking what in the world is a favicon?  The word favicon is short for favorite icon.  It is the small image, usually 16 x 16px, and…

  • Lucy Jane Totes Tutorial on Image Mapping
    Business Tutorials

    How To Create An Image Map

    My inner nerd is going to surface and you may just be surprised at the cool thing I figured out.  I wanted to add my own social icons and have them…

  • Feature

    Country Living Fair 2012

    So excited to start planning an awesome girls’ weekend to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  What started out as a “hey wouldn’t that be fun” has turned into a…

  • mOM-inC

    Wating for the Mail :: Mom, Inc.

    photo source: Oh Joy! Looks what’s coming in the mail today…I’m so excited to read Mom Inc., The Essential Guide to Running a Successful Business from Home. Two years ago, I…