Lucy Jane in Progress

Lucy Jane Totes

  I can't wait to share all the details of the new line of products with you all.  They are gorgeous!  One even has the word gorgeous on the outside.  I love designing something "pretty", but I think the engineering background pushes me to make items durable and long lasting.  We all make decisions everyday on how to spend our money.  We prioritize and make sure all of our ducks are in a ... read more

How To Create An Image Map

Lucy Jane Totes Tutorial on Image Mapping

My inner nerd is going to surface and you may just be surprised at the cool thing I figured out.  I wanted to add my own social icons and have them be clickable.  Here was my image...   After doing a LOT of google searches, I discovered a really cool trick.  And why not share it with some friends? I will walk you through how to take a picture and make different areas of it ... read more

Country Living Fair 2012


So excited to start planning an awesome girls' weekend to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.  What started out as a "hey wouldn't that be fun" has turned into a road trip to Columbus, Ohio!  It is a three day event from September 14th - 16th.   Photo Source: Country Living (with a little added flare from me)   It is a weekend full of shopping, food, seminars, ... read more

Wating for the Mail :: Mom, Inc.


photo source: Oh Joy! Looks what's coming in the mail today...I'm so excited to read Mom Inc., The Essential Guide to Running a Successful Business from Home. Two years ago, I took a leap of faith and listed my first item on Etsy.  A collection of pillowcase dresses, nursing covers and a few bags filled my little shop.  I shot all my pictures with my Nikon D40 on auto mode ... read more

Tips for Selling at a Craft Show // Art Fair


A couple of weekends ago, I sold at my very first craft show.  Well, sort of craft show.  In May, there is a local music festival where several vendors set up to sell handmade art, jewelry, soap, bags (that's my stuff), amish handmade rugs and pottery.  The main focus of the event is music, but who doesn't like a little shopping mixed in? I knew I would not be able to make enough items to fill ... read more

turn your fears into your dreams

Lucy Jane

Over the weekend, I attended my first blogging conference...BlissDom! My head is still spinning with information, inspiration, and new friendship overload.  I have a new level of appreciation for strong women who find their voices behind a keyboard each and every day.  We are able to create jobs for ourselves, take care of our families, gain a level of confidence in our own voice, and inspire ... read more

selling online: finding what works for you


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest   Late last year, I made the decision to leave Etsy and open a Big Cartel store.   I loved the idea of building my own website, so after much thought I decided to give it a try.  After a month of using Big Cartel, I decided that Etsy was  better suited for my needs.  It was hard to "admit" that I made a mistake, but it is also ... read more

on finding your passion


Source: via Lucy on Pinterest   Two years ago, I opened my Etsy shop.  It has been an amazing journey built on hard work, passion and a complete love for what I do.  It would be easy to say that I knew this would be my dream job when at three I was designing clothes for my barbie.  Or maybe hours spent in my dad's workshop building furniture for my dolls.  ... read more

Small Business Saturday (+ FREE Shipping Coupon)


Today is a special day to support your local shops and favorite handmade stores! Have you been drooling over a purse in my shop? Hoping for an extra large tote under your Christmas tree? Today is your lucky day!  FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed by Tuesday, November 29th at 9pm EST. Enter coupon code THANKSGIVING when checking out Head on over to Lucy Jane Totes and get ... read more

St. James Court Art Show: Louisville, KY


When you get a call on a Friday morning asking if you want to go to an art fair and your kids are spending the weekend with their favorite Aunt Karla, how can you say no? Amber and I were roommates in college. This girl can make me laugh until I cry, listens to me ramble on about ideas for bags and makes shopping for a new couch seem like fun. Of course I would go with her! She was actually ... read more

Shop Local: Little Golden Fox


Hello Little Golden Fox! I am so excited about the opening of this oh so wonderful boutique in our town.  A unique high end consignment shop that also carries local handmade items.  On any given week, you might find a pair of shoes you must have or a piece of unique pottery for your home. Meet Cara, the owner of Little Golden Fox. Cara approached me about carrying some of my Lucy Jane ... read more

Lucy Jane Has A New Shop & Website

I'm super excited to announce my new website and shop!  Logic would have told me months ago to hire a web designer, but my heart and creative spirit told me to give it a try.  After a WHOLE lot of Google searches on website design here is the result! I've added a welcome page!  From here you can visit my blog, shop or facebook.   Check out the new BLOG page!   And most ... read more

Why I Do What I Do

Around 11:00 at night when my eyes are tired and I turn out the lights to my sewing room, there is often the thought at the back of my head.  Why do I do this?  Then, in the morning, I see two little boys as they roll out of bed and remember why I do this. When the boys were born, I knew my place was to be at home.  First of all, I don't really know if I could have pulled my act together enough ... read more

Etsy Love: shipping tips for etsy sellers

There are many lessons I have learned over the past year. Some the easy way, some the hard way and some just by pure luck. When I shipped my first order on Etsy, I hand wrote the address, went to the post office and was so proud of myself. I now have a mini-shipping station in my home. How do I ship my items? If you are an Etsy seller, you will receive payments through PayPal. This is also ... read more

finding the balance as a mom

I've read a lot of blogs that talk about quitting your day job to start your dream job.  I laugh inside, because my current day job is being a mom.  So, quitting this job is not really an option.  It is more of a change in how my day to day operates.  I usually wake up before the boys and check/reply to e-mails, package up any orders ready to be shipped and try to organize my day. I love (LOVE, ... read more