Fall and Apple Orchards

Pretty sure we could all agree that fall is a special time of the year.  The sun feels more golden, the air is crisp.  We anticipate the season change and prepare our hearts and minds for the holidays.  Summer is busy, days are long.  Winter is busy, days feel short.  Fall feels just right.


This past weekend, we headed to the apple orchard.  Our boys just finished a whole week at school studying apples.  They taught us the proper way to pick apples.  Gently twist and gently tug.  “You don’t want to hurt the tree, mom.”

20140928-DSC_0107And being a bit of a photo nut, apple orchards make for the pictures.

20140928-DSC_0114Broccoli fields smell bad!  Like really, really bad.  It tastes great, but I think it took broccoli off any future garden plans.


Little Photographer

For years, our twin boys have watched mom snap pictures. I guess it’s only natural that at some point they would start asking to be behind the lens and no longer the subject. And I’m pretty sure that most parents would cringe at the idea of their 7 year old toting around their very expensive camera equipment. For me, the moment when I was asked to become the subject and no longer the taker was a proud moment. Here are some of the results from the world according to a 7 year old.






Here’s how I set him up for success:

1. ALWAYS put the camera strap around their neck. This way if it slips, it won’t go all the way to the floor.
2. Put it on Aperature priority, so you set the depth of field and the camera does the work.
3. Gently guide to help with ideas, but let them pick their subjects.

And most of all, ooh and aahh over the results. Just think if you can start them at this age how much time they have to improve. And given photography is based on a lot of practice, it will help a lot.

Photography Tips: Family & Kid Photos

I recently helped a friend do a little photo shoot of her (oh so adorable) family.  A light bulb went off…wouldn’t it be fun to share some of the tips we used to get some great (and natural) shots.


Tip #1:  Your pictures will only look as good as the light. 

What in the world does that mean?  It means if you want those yummy, golden colors then you must wait until the sun gives you those yummy, golden colors.

This generally happens right around dawn and dusk.  Given that most kids are not functioning at sun up, this means planning an evening shoot.

Look for spots that have nice shade and not a lot of sun spots.  Sun spots are those areas where the sun peaks through the trees.


Advanced Tip: If you know how to set your camera’s white balance, set it to the shade setting.  This will give you a more golden/natural look.  It is also nice for skin tones.

Tip #2: Let them be kids

Lucy Jane Kid Photography

What kid wants to sit idle and have their picture taken?  In that case, what adult jumps in joy to have their picture taken.

My friend made a run to the store and brought a zillion (okay about 10) big balls.  This added a lot of color to the picture, but also added an element of fun.  I try to allow lots of good, fun breaks when taking pictures.

Grandma loves the posed picture, but these are the shots that show off personality.

Advanced Tip:  If shooting in manual, I generally use aperture priority.  I set my f-stop to achieve the depth of field that I want and shoot away.  This way you can capture the moment.

Tip #3: Get personal…go on now invade that personal space

And now you get to see an awkward photo of me.  Ignore my way to old fleece and the fact that I’m straddling a friend.  This will give you the great intimate shot.  Also, most kids giggle when a big adult is standing over them.


Drum roll, please.

Lucy Jane Kid Photography

Lucy Jane Kid Photography Tips

kid photography

And don’t forget to move in close…a little closer…perfect.



Advanced Tip:  Wiggle your legs around…that will get a giggle.  Very technical!

Tip #4: Be Patient

I think the hardest pictures are the whole family picture.  And the bigger the family, the more difficult.  This is where patience comes into play.  Try to set up the family shot.  Someone’s not happy, take a break and try again later.  You will get the shot…it may just be the 10th attempt.



Tip #5:  Bribe Them & Bribe Them GOOD

I’m not an advocate of bribing with food.  With that said, BRIBE them good.  Bring on the candy.  Mother tested…kid approved.


Are those nerds I spot?



Have any special tips that you use with your kids?  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Christmas Card Photo Shoot

A thirty minute wrestling match, several shots of bums, lots of giggles and FINALLY the one shot that makes it on the card!

Tips for taking pics of your kids:

  • Place them next to a window during a time of day with nice light.  In the pic above, the window is to the right of the boys.
  • Let them play and have fun.
  • Something like a white duvet works great for a neutral backdrop
  • Take way more pictures than you think you will need.  They may just be the ones that make the best memories.
  • Start taking pictures a few weeks before you actually need them…this will keep the stress level low.
  • Have a friend that is good at taking pics, ask for their help.

A Little Peak Inside My Studio

Things have been busy in my studio getting ready for Christmas…only 43 days shopping days left! I thought it would be fun to show off some shots that my wonderful friend, Jennifer, took while in town.

I LOVE this sign! It reminds me of all the things I love about sewing and creating. Holly of Word Whipped was so wonderful to work with on this custom order. She even matched the fonts I requested. Check out her shop…I’m thinking a little Christmas shopping.

I found the large clothes pin above at Hobby Lobby hidden away in the clearance section, so I bought three! I spray painted them red and use them to hold orders or other paper work.

A chandelier in your sewing room, yes please. Only Jennifer would see something like this and drag a chair across the room to get these cool shots. Can you see the reflection of fabric? Love it!

This is the entrance into my sewing studio. It is the original wood carving made to look like the steamboats found on the river (we are about three blocks from the Ohio River). Don’t look too closely, you might see the dust bunnies. I haven’t really figured out the best way to dust this.

And here is where you will often find me behind my beloved Pfaff sewing machine. You will usually find one or two little boys at my side. My little helpers.

Here are two of my favorite things. On the left is a magnetic pin cushion. On the right is a silicone ring bobbin holder. I found this at our local sewing store and it was the perfect solution for all those loose bobbins. It was about $8, but very worth the money!

Enjoy this holiday season…maybe support a handmade store in your shopping!

See all Lucy Jane Totes & Handbags here.

Photo Shoot: Heidi Stone Photography

Okay, I have to admit that I sort of felt like a senior in high school during this photo shoot.  I said that I FELT like, not looked like.  I worked with Heidi Stone on some shots a few years ago for kids clothing (some of you may remember when I sold pillowcase dresses).  She was so great to work with and we have stayed in touch since.

I got a message a couple weeks ago asking if I would be interested in doing a little trade.  I had to admit that I wanted her to take picture of me, not my children.  Oh shame on me!

You see every time I attempt to take pics of myself for my blog or website, I tend to look a little stunned.  I have no idea why I get this smile.  Is it my fear of the camera remote?  The awkwardness of taking your own picture?  So, I decided to take the opportunity with someone that really knows what they are doing to do some shots.

Remember my trip to Indy that went from an overnight stay for a baby shower to a weekend getaway (solo, no kids).  So, when I left the house on Friday I packed all the wrong clothes.  Shirts with stripes, my Keen sandles (that I love but not so stylish), and jeans that were just okay.

A last minute speed shopping trip  through Target landed me with jeggings (oh yah, my first pair of jeggings!), tall boots, scarves, a red jacket and some white shirts.  I headed back to my moms house, where I was staying for the weekend, only to discover that I forgot to put her house key back on my key ring.  I did the unthinkable.  I changed my clothes in the back of my car.  We have tinted windows… Ha!

Heidi was so much fun to work with.  She made me feel comfortable.  We joked about looking like it was a senior picture shoot.  And walked around downtown Indianapolis all afternoon.  Let’s face it, we are both moms (she has FIVE! ), so any time we can leisurely walk down the street we take full advantage of it!  She was nice enough to buy her husband a cupcake, but I think she was secretly hoping she would get to eat most if it.

Connect with Heidi…

she’s a mom, a photographer, a pretty crafty gal & she home schools her kiddos!

Facebook :: Blog :: Website


Today I’m also linking up with Lindsey over at Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday

My outfits: first two pictures are jeggings, scarf, white shirt and boots :: Target

third picture – sweater :: Sam’s Club (how random!) the rest of the outfit :: Target


What I Wore Wednesday: Puddles are Made for Jumping

The boys are on Fall Break from preschool. I originally planned to spend the day at the zoo, but when we woke up this morning it was rainy and chilly. Instead, we dressed up in our rain gear and umbrellas and walked to the local bakery. I think donuts are a good substitute for the zoo. In normal toddler fashion, the boys are sporting their Lighting McQueen umbrellas (the umbrellas that I drove to three different stores to find). And of course, the outfit is not complete without fireman rain boots.

Here are my rain boots that were on clearance at DSW. Love the clearance section!
And here is my four year old’s photography skills…not too bad.

And this is how they usually see mom!

Here’s to fall breaks, donuts and fashion!


Today I’m linking up with Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy for WIWW

What I Wore Wednesday: Girls’ Weekend

Today I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday!

On Friday afternoon, I patiently waited for my husband to get home. The boys’ suitcases were packed, favorite toys and blankets all ready to go. I’m pretty sure as soon as my husband’s car was in sight, I was running to put their things in it. This weekend was girls’ weekend, so the boys headed to grandma’s house. I walked back into my house and waited for my friends to arrive. We spent most of Friday night hanging out on the front porch drinking margaritas. Saturday we headed to the local art fair. It was a blast! A much needed break from the normal routine.

My wonderful and talented friend, Jennifer, helped take these pictures. If you don’t already know her, she is an amazing photographer, awesome blogger and a lover of all things pop culture. I will warn you if you start reading her blog, you may find yourself craving a diet coke, a snuggie and watching The Wire. She comically and honestly writes about her experience raising twins over at Flesworthy.

Say Hi Jennifer!

This is one of my favorite houses in town. To see more pictures of my town – check out this post!

What I’m Wearing:
Top:Target * Jeans: Banana Republic * Shoes: Keen Sandles *
Bracelet: Handmade by Lilypistol Leather

Jennifer: Jo Totes Camera Bag & her beloved Canon camera!

What’s your favorite girls’ weekend?

around my town: walking photo tour

Over the long weekend, I decided it was a good time to take a long walk and capture some of the architecture around our town. We moved here in December and I would best describe the small town living as a love/hate relationship. I love the cozy historic downtown. I’m in love with the architecture. I love that there is not a Starbucks in sight, but instead two local coffee shops. I love walking down the street and passing people you know. I am not so much in love with the lack of shopping and activities. I miss being close to my family and friends. I guess it just depends on what day you ask me what I’ll tell you about my small town.

where is your dream town?

For me, it would be a historic town near the ocean (and lots of good shopping).