Sick Days & Movie Watching


Tuesday afternoon our house went from a place to run and play to a place to lay around and watch movies.  My normally full of energy little boys started running fevers and just wanted to curl up on the couch. As a mom, I never want my kids to be ... read more

A little piece of my heart

In a large white farm house on the top of the mountain, my dad was raised without heat, running water or electricity. As a little girl I would beg for stories of his boyhood memories in West Virginia. Every year, we would load up the van and drive 12 ... read more

When you get lemons…

This morning I woke up thinking I had my whole day planned out.  I would drop off the boys at the sitters, drive an hour to get the car serviced (hello small town living), and get back with some time to sew some orders.  We rolled up to the sitter's ... read more

some much needed r & r

On Wednesday, I loaded up the car, picked up the boys from school and headed to Indianapolis.  I looked at the calendar and realized it was the MIDDLE of July!  Lately, I've been running around in all directions.  I decided it was time for some much ... read more

st. louis day two: the fun continues

Traveling with three year olds means you have built in alarm clocks. At 6am, the windows were flung open and it was declared it was time to get up. They were ready to have fun. Mom and dad were ready to find the closest (good) cup of ... read more

st. louis day one of fun

We got back from St. Louis on Sunday.  On Monday, I buried myself in my sewing room to clear out some orders & get ready for Craftpalooza 2011.  It was lots of fun and lots of laughs (pics to come soon).  Finally have a moment to blog about our ... read more