Farmer’s Market :: Birmingham, Michigan

Over Labor Day weekend, we visited family in Birmingham, Michigan located just outside of Detroit.  On Sunday, we took the boys to the local park and then headed over to the farmer’s market. You get some interesting looks when you start taking close-ups of fruit, but look at these colors! Above are hand painted gourds…how great are these? “The earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Sometimes the best inspiration comes from an ordinary trip to the farmer’s market.

Custom Bridal Order: Green & Navy Make-Up Bags

I love working with brides, because it makes me daydream about our wedding day.  This bride already had lots of goodies for her girls and wanted to add a special handmade item to the collection.  Her wedding colors were green and navy.  The first photo was the original make-up bag.  For her special day, we added a touch of navy to the bottom for a perfect match.

Love at First Stitch

In a need for speed, I purchased this semi-industrial Pfaff sewing machine.  Let me just share that it was love at first stitch.  Welcome the newest member of my sewing collection. She does 1600 stitches per minute!  We have been spending some good quality time together cranking out beach bags and working on some new items for the shop. Coming soon… Working on my new line of purses!

sunshine inspiration

Today I’m linking up with Gussy Sews inspiration workshop.  This week’s inspiration is SUNSHINE! When designing my beach bags this year, I was totally drawn to the color yellow. Yellow makes me think of sunshine. Sunshine makes me happy. There’s nothing better than a day at the beach or lake soaking up some warm sunshine. Find all Lucy Jane Beach bag here!

Etsy Love: shipping tips for etsy sellers

See the updated post about shipping tips & resources. There are many lessons I have learned over the past year. Some the easy way, some the hard way and some just by pure luck. When I shipped my first order on Etsy, I hand wrote the address, went to the post office and was so proud of myself. I now have a mini-shipping station in my home. How do I ship my items? Please see the updated post for the latest tips & resources.  Etsy has now added their own shipping system. If you are an Etsy seller, you will receive payments through PayPal. This is also where you will print out your shipping labels. You can either print out one shipping label at a time or do a multi-order shipping. I know what one beach bag order weights, so I can create a preset in PayPal to “remember” the details…

around my town: walking photo tour

Over the long weekend, I decided it was a good time to take a long walk and capture some of the architecture around our town. We moved here in December and I would best describe the small town living as a love/hate relationship. I love the cozy historic downtown. I’m in love with the architecture. I love that there is not a Starbucks in sight, but instead two local coffee shops. I love walking down the street and passing people you know. I am not so much in love with the lack of shopping and activities. I miss being close to my family and friends. I guess it just depends on what day you ask me what I’ll tell you about my small town. where is your dream town? For me, it would be a historic town near the ocean (and lots of good shopping).