The Cottage at Plott Creek


We are not very good planners…in fact, we are horrible planners.  We wait until the last minute to book vacations, we have no idea what we will while we are on this vacation and we usually have a blast.  Every family operates differently.  Plans make us stressed.  Plans make us disappointed.  Going with the flow just seems to work.

Doug and I were talking about taking a trip and trying to figure out where to go.  This is the point when you know you read too many blogs…I speak up and say what about the Cottage at Plott Creek.  Doesn’t everyone know about this adorable little cottage nestled in the woods?  I mean, The Nester went there…isn’t this just common knowledge.  We contacted the owner and it was available for the week we wanted to take our trip!  Away we go on our family vacation.

Who couldn’t relax when this is where you are staying?  If you can’t relax in this setting, medical intervention is probably needed.

The house was featured in Cottages & Bungalows.  The decorating was just perfect!

It was a great relaxing vacation…did I mention my mom traveled with us?  Bringing grandma always helps!  Doug and I were able to sneak out one night for a dinner date in Asheville, NC.


What is a vacation without pumpkin pie, lego building and leaf throwing?


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