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Product packaging is like the icing on the cake.  You have created a beautiful product, spent time setting up great photos for your listing and are now ready to ship it to your customer.  Don’t forget to spend time and thought on your product packaging.  This will be your last impression, which can be just as important as your first impression.

In this post, we will focus on on-line resources for your packaging.

Printing Services – Business Cards, Thank You Cards, Postcards

With every package, you should include at a minimum a business card with your logo and a good way to contact you.  You should also include your social media and maybe a suggested hashtag for how to share.  I also like to include a postcard or thank you card with a hand written note.  Such a great personal touch and reminder that you are a person…not a robot.

Here are some of my favorite online resources for printers:

  • – a very unique printing experience.  They use a process called Printfinity allowing you to print a different image on every card or postcard.  Prices start around $20 for 50 business cards.  They are very thick and luxurious with a high quality feel.
  • – This has been my printer for years.  You can sign up to be for a VIP Loyalty Service and receive great discounts.  If you are looking for an extra thick business card, check out their fat business cards.  You will pay around $7 for 50 double-sided standard business cards.  This is the kind I order and have been very impressed.  Check out their circle business cards if you are looking for something very unique – they are thick and luxurious.  They also offer services like postcards,booklets, folded cards and business cards.  You can order a free sample pack to feel the difference between paper.
  • Jak Prints – This printer was recommended by my branding designer.  I think this service is great if you are working with a designer that can set up all your files, but may be a little more complicated to set up yourself.  You will order each item separately, which means you pay separate shipping for each item.   They offer business cards, post cards, folded cards and stickers.  Order a free sample book to see all of their options.
  • – This printer offers a wide variety of services.  From custom boxes (small sizes), stickers and hang tags with pre-punched holes.  They also offer business cards, postcards and many other marketing products.  This could be your one stop shop.  From my research, their stickers are some of the most economical and high quality.  You can choose from a variety of finishes.  They have a great turn around time and have the ability to make a custom size for most of their products via their custom printing service.

Shipping Bags

Depending on what you will be shipping, different kinds of bags will be needed.  Here are a few different options and resources.  For smaller orders, I usually order from Amazon.  They have the best pricing and shipping options.

  • Poly bags are the best for ensuring your items stays dry.  They are tear resistant and plastic based.  They come in a variety of sizes and even colors.  I use these white ones and sometimes a fun blue one.  Don’t forget a branded sticker on the outside.
  • Padded paper bags like this one are great for items you want to keep slightly protected.

For larger orders,  you should check out  They have great customer service and are readily available to answer your questions.  Their shipping costs are higher, but if you are ordering larger quantities you will save on the buying in bulk versus Amazon.

Shipping Boxes

  • USPS Priority mail boxes are free!  Just remember that you need to be using their priority service to use these.  They have flat rate shipping boxes, but also offer several options for paying based on weight.  Do your research and find out which one is best for your business.  In my case, paying based on weight was the better option
  • If you want a more branded look, try a simple kraft brown box with a sticker.  U-Line has a great selection of sizes and options.

Looking for some great tips on how to ship your order – check out this post on Etsy Shipping Tips & Resources.


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